Research Projects

Locality of Random Digraphs on Expanders

with Christian Borgs and Amin Saberi. (Work in Progress), 2021

We consider random digraphs on a sequence of expanders with bounded average degree. Under the assumption that the original sequence has a weak local limit, we show that the threshold for the existence of a giant strongly connected component, as well as the asymptotic fraction of nodes with a giant fan-in or a giant fan-out are local.

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The Value of Excess Supply in Spatial Matching Markets

with Mohammad Akbarpour, Shengwu Li and Amin Saberi (Work in Progress), 2021

We show that in a dynamic spatial matching market, no level of sophistication in the matching algorithm and no amount of data to predict times and locations of future demand can beat a naive greedy algorithm with a small excess supply.

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Relative-Risk and the Assessment of School Safety in the COVID-19 Pandemic

with Kirankumar Shiragur, Ramesh Johari, David Scheinker, Kevin Schulman, and Kristan Staudenmayer (Work in Progress), 2021

The most common approaches to looking at the question of school safety focus on absolute risk. By contrast, we take the perspective that the situation warrants an approach that evaluates school safety from the perspective of relative risk: i.e., are open schools more or less safe than the surrounding community? In looking at the problem from the perspective of relative risk, we have found a fascinating result. Under most scenarios, students would be as safe or safer in school as in their community.

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